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We have the answers! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers.

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Can I get approved through your dealer network?

Yes you can! As always, your approval is specifically based on your financial profile. We have dealers in our network that work with all credit types. Your chances of approval are much greater when you work with us than just walking into any dealership and hoping for the best.

Can I get a vehicle from a dealership of my choice?

When you have great credit, your dealership options are unlimited. Since we find the dealer that is best equipped to help you, we have ensured that you are saving time and getting the best deal possible.

How much am I approved for?

We are not the lender so we do not have your approval amount information. When you fill out a car loan request with us, we find you the dealer that is able to help you get a loan. You will find out how much you are approved for when you meet with the dealer.

Why won’t Traditional Dealers Help Me?

Banks and traditional lenders have very strict regulations when it comes to who can get approved for an auto loan, and because of that, they will often deny those that they feel are a high risk borrower. If you have damaged credit, bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, this will place you at a disadvantage when looking for financing.

What is Special Financing?

This type of financing is an alternative for those who have bad credit or are recovering from a bankruptcy or past financial issues. If your score is below 620, lenders will consider you a high risk and will be unable to help you get the vehicle you need. At this point, your option is a Subprime auto loan, sometimes referred to as a Bad Credit Auto Loan or Special Financing. With this type of loan, you will not only have the opportunity to get the car, truck or SUV you deserve, but the chance to rebuild your credit as well.

What kind of car can I get?

You will have new and used car options, but you will have some limitations because of higher interest rates. This means that in terms of brand new vehicles, you may have to determine what you need versus what you want. And, in the case of used vehicles, you will need to keep in mind the age and mileage of the car, truck or SUV.

How does the approval process work?

The process to get approved for Special Financing is a pretty simple three step process:

  • Complete our car loan request
  • Meet with the dealer
  • Verify your information and select your vehicle

What are the requirements?

When working with a dealer who offers special financing, the requirements are as follows:

  • Gross Income of $1,500 minimum
  • Little or $0 Down
  • No repossessions in the last year unless part of a Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal
  • Legal resident of Canada
  • Valid driver’s license

Bad credit doesn't matter!

We can help you get into a car!

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